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November 2018

Saturday 3rd November 201811:00Prayer Outreach-Three Queens Square
Sunday 4th November 201811:00Celebration & Communion Service
Monday 5th November 201819:30Youth Alpha
Tuesday 6th November 201819:30Ladies Discipleship
Wednesday 7th November 2018 Regional Pastors & Wives Retreat
10:00Parent Toddlers
19:30Empowered Men's Discipleship
Thursday 8th November 201808:00Regional Pastors & Wives Retreat
Sunday 11th November 201811:00Remembrance Day Service
Monday 12th November 201819:30Youth Alpha
Tuesday 13th November 201810:30Deacons Meeting
19:30Ladies Discipleship
Wednesday 14th November 201810:00Parent Toddlers
19:30Prayer Meeting
Saturday 17th November 201811:00Prayer Outreach Three Queens Square
19:00Youth Powerpoint Event @ Glasgow Elim
Sunday 18th November 201811:00Celebration
Monday 19th November 201819:30Youth Alpha
Tuesday 20th November 201819:30Ladies Discipleship
Wednesday 21st November 201810:00Parent Toddlers
19:30Empowered Men's Discipleship
Sunday 25th November 201811:00Celebration & Communion
18:00Teaching (Islam & How to engage with Muslims)
Monday 26th November 201819:30Youth Alpha
Tuesday 27th November 201819:30Ladies Discipleship
Wednesday 28th November 201810:00Parent Toddlers
19:30Prayer Meeting
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